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Machinery Moving

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The Functions of Machinery Movers

Professional machinery movers operate under strict and comprehensive guidelines and safety precautions which aim to enable the smooth and effective process of handling, moving and relocating all types of machinery and equipment. From heavy and large scale hauls of entire production plants and factories, to more delicate repositioning of complex tool components, machinery movers are trained and highly skilled in the correct handling and transportation of all types of equipment and vehicles. This is vital in maintaining the integrity and functional operation of all machines and tools as the incorrect or inappropriate moving of equipment can lead to problems down the line such as repair costs and project delays. Machinery movers specialise in the most suitable and effective methods of transporting every type of machine and tool used by plants.
Experienced and Skilled Machinery Movers

STARSOLUTIONS are highly experienced and skilled machinery movers who specialise in the transportation and moving of all types of plant equipment and machinery on any scale. Whatever your machinery moving needs are, whether they be the relocation of an entire plant or the moving of a single tool component, SCHOLPP have the resources, knowledge, skills and experience required to help you find the perfect solution that meets your individual requirements no matter how impossible they may seem! With over 1,000 highly trained employees at 16 locations in Germany and 4 further sites around the world the company takes on both regional and international relocation projects. STARSOLUTIONS employees keep well abreast of technological innovations and research so that the best methods and tools are used in all projects they take on. So whether you are looking for heavy haulage or small scale moving, STARSOLUTIONS are leading machinery movers who will accommodate all needs and contexts so that the best solution is found for you.
Machinery & Equipment Moving

We’re your machinery moving experts. It doesn’t matter whether you have a single machine or entire plant, we’re the machine movers and riggers your project needs.

Our highly-skilled team of machinery movers can move or remove any size machine using decades of experience in the field. Plus, our innovative inventory of rigging equipment allows our crews minimize disruptions and downtime to your operations.
Turn-Key Services

As a full-service machinery moving contractor, our craft professionals, riggers, and millwrights can assemble and erect your machinery and equipment. Our crews can also perform the utility connections, leveling, aligning, and anchoring.

If your project requires relocation or removal for redeployment, we bring considerable value to the project. Based on experience, we’ve developed proven match-marking systems and processes, providing you efficient re-installation and problem-free startups. Our customized approach protects your equipment and delivers dependable machine moving services.

Our turn-key service eliminates having to hire multiple contractors for your project. Our project managers strategically design a solution for successful project completion, from start to finish.

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